Checklist for Making a Router Smart


This is a checklist of settings that need to be in place on your Mikrotik router in order to make it smart using the Smart.Network app:

  1. Make sure your router has a connection to the Internet.
  2. Make sure your router can resolve DNS i.e. DNS servers are added under IP>DNS manually or automatically via DHCP-Client (note - we recommend you do not check ‘allow remote requests’ and if you do, make sure it is secured with appropriate filter rules in input chain). See this link for more.
  3. Enable api access under IP >Services which can be limited if you wish to the smart.board IP or DNS.
  4. Ensure your router is running version 6.43 or above.
  5. If you have multiple LAN interfaces such as bridges or individual interfaces, add the comment ‘defconf’ to the preferred bridge or individual LAN interface that you wish the app to monitor. Please note multiple subnets on a single LAN are not supported at this time. See this link for more. See this link for more.


Thanks a lot for that.
Can we have the dashboard IP? Would be great to secure it that way


I will email you your credentials.