Enable most of the Tools in Mikrotik to be used from the APP


Allow to use your APP to run all the built-in Tools section in Winbox (aside of the BW Tester function that is already part of your APP) so I can run Ping, traceroute, configure Netwatch, perform IP Scans, Packet Sniffer, configure Graphing, etc remotely from the APP through your Cloud without having to log-in into the Mikrotik Router via Winbox (and be able to do it anywhere in the world).


@ksteink while we are already working to add router configuration functionality, such as port forwarding, dhcp management, wan configuration, etc., we do not anticipate that this app will replace winbox. It is targeting end-users and I believe Mikrotik will soon release a full-featured Winbox app. smart.network app is geared towards the consumer and prosumer, but not network engineers.


Agree I am not looking to replace Winbox but I see your APP with some of the functionalities specially for people that is on the road :).