Multiple LANs or Subnets


The app is currently compatible with a single LAN (either a bridge or an individual interface) that has only one subnet.

If you received error -513 when setting up the app and communicating with your router it is likely because there are multiple LANs on your network and our discovery script was unable to automatically identify the LAN interface.

The app is still able to work if there are multiple LANs. However, in order to do this, the app needs to be directed to the LAN interface it needs to use by adding the following comments to your Mikrotik router’s interface and then trying the setup again:-

LAN: comment should contain “defconf” or “defconfig”

Error -513 may also be received if there are multiple subnets on a single LAN. We are working on a way to support this scenario but at present, it is not supported in the app.

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