Smart.Board Multi Orgs Onboarding


Onboarding Guidance for new Multi Org Feature


Get started with smart.board in four easy steps:-

  1. Your Default Organization is up and running! Finish customizing it under Preferences - upload a logo, your support email and link (or use ours Enable shaping if you wish to allow your subscribers to shape their devices from the app. Enable user speed test if you wish to allow your subscribers to run speed tests from the app

  2. If you offer set ISP plans, go ahead and add them under ISP Plans (or use our default one).

  3. Next…add your support staff! You can create additional Admin or Read Only Admin under the Admin tab and give them their login credentials for the smart.board. Admins can add Subscribers, create new user accounts for them and make their routers Smart.

  4. If you have additional Organizations, add them under the Organization tab.

You are now ready to add Subscribers and their networks!

You can also watch a brief walkthrough here

Organization & System on smart.board:

The first thing you might notice is that we have two sections of the smart.board: Organization and System.

The System section is for items that are not specific to any one Organization. In system, you can manage all your organizations and admins.

Organization settings are those that apply only to the organization you are logged into and include Customers, Routers/Sites, Preferences, and ISP Plans.

To change settings (e.g. add a customer or router or edit the logo etc) for a specific Organization you must be logged into that Organization. Switch between your Organizations by selecting your account in the upper right-hand corner of the smart.board.

We hope you enjoy the new features to your dashboard. If you have any feedback (good or bad) please let us know on the forum.