Smart.Dashboard Release Notes


Release notes relating to the Smart.Dashboard.

v1.0.96 Oct/2019

NEW Actions menu on the networks list
NEW Ability to add tags to subscribers and networks
NEW Subscriber, ISP Plan, and Router Timezone column options on the networks list
NEW After smarting router process: Network details view is not available until Learning Network is complete
NEW Speed test is accessible without WAN View
UPDATE Last 5 router errors feature: shows the last 5 errors on a router within the last 24 hours
UPDATE Emoji and calibration graph behavior when a router is inactive
FIXED Ability to edit admins
FIXED Various bugs

v1.0.87 June/2019
NEW design of the detailed view of a network. Go to the network you want to view > More > View Network
NEW ability to duplicate an ISP plan
UPDATED ISP plan editing
FIXED various bugs

v1.0.80 May/2019
UPDATE - error handling improvements
FIXED - various bugs
NEW - Traffic bar design that shows real-time, last calibrated and ISP plan all in one graph

v1.0.65 Feb/2019
FIXED - general stability and speed of smart.board
FIXED - routers status bug, reporting “inactive” when it should not
NEW - ability to view WAN Traffic w/o needing subscribers permission (beta version, full feature coming soon!)

v1.0.63 Feb/2019
NEW - Router mobility: the ability to move a router from one subscriber to another
NEW - Speed test on smart.dash: run a speed test for any router from smart.board without remote access and view speed test history
NEW - Added number of routers enabled to top right of smart.board
NEW - Added network name to speed test summary
UPDATE - Network Health Bar updates
UPDATE - Removed last self registered, serial number and IP from default display on networks tab
UPDATE - Customers list changed to Subscribers list
UPDATE - Routers/Sites list change to Networks list
FIXED - Network list breakpoint issue
FIXED - Numerous updates and bug fixes

v1.0.44 Oct/18
NEW - Added designated dashboard owner
NEW - Added multi-organization capability: owner can add, manage and switch between accounts for multiple organizations
NEW - Owner can create Admin and View Only dashboard accounts for their organizations
FIXED - Improved buffering time when logging in

v1.0.24 8/Aug/18
FIXED - Error deleting customer account
FIXED - Sorting in network detail page
FIXED - Issue refreshing and saving preferences

v1.0.22 17/July/18
FIXED - Dim logic applied to pictures for identities

v1.0.21 16/July/18
NEW - Remote access view network shows services in detail
NEW - If router is permissioned to a user, additional user requests will not be allowed.
NEW - Disconnect button added to disconnect another user from the router
NEW - Replace total speed with current utilization
FIXED - Issue with both identities and unassigned devices being selectable.
FIXED - Incorrect time on speedtest results

v1.0.20 15/July/18
NEW - Add remote access ‘waiting for approval’ message
NEW - Dim logic applied to identities
FIXED - Filtered user list should maintain filter when edit box is closed
FIXED - Remove upstream, downstream and ispcap from router edit (Replaced with ISP plan)
FIXED - Notify dashboard when app disconnects

v1.0.19 11/July/18 Remote Access/smart.view Added
NEW - Dashboard smart view/remote access of app
NEW - Speedtest history popup
NEW - Implemented lazy loading to reduce initial app load size
NEW - Delete router if not connected and add last registration date
NEW - Add router details to dropdown menu
NEW - App icons for primary sections, identities, devices and services added for smart view
FIXED - App crashes when router details is visited
Minor Bugs and fixes

v1.0.17 8/Jun/18
-Company name now saves correctly on user creation
-Edit router screen save button properly works in all cases
-Added CRM Ref in User record

v1.0.16 29/May/18
-Manage session expiration more effectively
-‘More’ menu pulldown is no longer trimmed inappropriately
-When entering router list from a User perspective, breadcrumb back to user narrows search to that user
-When uploading a new logo it takes effect immediately. Bonus: added thumbnail.
-Version #'s link to release notes
-Added “Read All” to bottom of alerts screen
-Show dashboard version and server on login screen
-Misc visual tweaks

v1.0.15a 28/May/18
-Support link opens in new tab
-Final multi-lan fixes released to public!

v1.0.14b 27/May/18
-Auth expiration updates
-Added dropdown for items per page in grids
-Sorting by Last Seen returns!
-Integrator fixes
-New alerts show up at top of list now
-Removed inaccurate alerts
-Router health graph works with new ISP Speed Plans now

v1.0.14 22/May/18
-Disable sort on Last Seen attribute. A fix is forthcoming but we decided to disable sorting on this field until it arrives in v1.0.15
-Misc networking service updates
-When entering routers from user list, link breadcrumb back to userlist
-Converted action icons to a drop-down list
-When resetting a users password we now show a confirmation pop-up
-Change visual styling of save modal dialogs
-Fixed a bug where the Alerts red flashing icon would show even when there were no new messages.


v1.0.12 19/May/18
-Changed calibration history pop-over to sort by date descending
-RX/TX in calibration history pop-over was reversed.

v1.0.11 19/May/18
-Fixed various bugs in Integrator functionality
-First release of Alerts feature: Alerts menu added to top right nav that auto-populates as system events occur. Events include things like ‘New router added’ or ‘New user added’ or “Router deleted”.

v1.0.10 15/May/18
-First release of Calibration History pop-over
-First release of ISP Plans feature
-First release of multi-lan support in dashboard
-Breadcrumb update in Router list
-Network service fixes related to netstats
-Replaced ngx-charts with Kendo for sparkline
-Added company attribute to user entity
-Various fixes related to Integrator functionality
-Fixed bug when saving a router that prevented feedback from appearing

v1.0.9 Skipped

v1.0.8 10/May/18
-Display proper error messages when Make Smart encounters an error

v1.0.7 09/May/18
-Make Smart button was inappriopriately enabled
-Pruned extra imports to reduce app size

v1.0.6 09/May/18
-Exposed new valibration flags
-Various visual tweaks
-Integrator fixes
-New loading animation
-Updated support links
-Various Make Smart fixes

v1.0.5 28/Apr/18
-Fixed user creation issues
-Fixed preferences/advanced settings issues

v1.0.4 27/Apr/18
-Various visual tweaks
-90 minute graph is properly calibrated now
-License limitations supported
-Dashboard can now set app password
-Pruned unused dependencies
-Display API versions in dashboard
-ISP speeds now support decimal values

v1.0.3 20/Apr/18
-Replaced Network Usage graph with Last Seen column
-Added calibration graph to router list
-Hide data cap column
-Properly show router active/inactive status
-Various visual tweaks
-Transmit was not defined when no router calibration was present

v1.0.2 14/Apr/18
-Various visual tweaks

v1.0.1 13/Apr/18
Various visual tweaks


What is Smart.Dashboard , how do i access it , i have tried no luck


The smart.board is a network management system for ISPs who deploy to their subscribers.


Can i get to try it? , iam a mini isp too , with 3 clients


We are working to add the ability to trial the smart.board without the big setup that goes with it right now. Also, at some point, each user will have access to their individual smart.board but that’s further down the road.

We will announce on the forum when the smart.board is available for trial.


I’m interested in smart.board. We are a Canadian ISP looking to manage mikrotik wifi routers for our customers. Could you set me up with an account?


Hi there, I’ll reach out to you directly and get you set up with a demo account.