Smart.Network Android App Release Notes


Build 1.4.16

  • FIXED bugs with adding a photo to an identity and the display of that photo as the identity icon
  • FIXED other bugs related to identity creation and stability

Build 1.4.15

  • FIXED various bugs

Build 1.4.14

  • FIXED identity creation
  • FIXED various bugs

Build 1.4.13

  • UPDATED dimmed non-functioning tabs on bottom bar
  • NEW “bypass calibration if it fails during learn network” implemented
  • FIXED minor bugs
  • UPDATED refactoring

Build 1.4.12

  • FIXED various bugs
  • UPDATED temporarily removed identity creation and management capability

Build 1.4.11

  • NEW ability to auto-login

Build 1.4.10

  • FIXED device list sorting
  • NEW web socket reconnection dialog
  • FIXED torch issues

Build 1.4.9

  • FIXED web-socket to be like iOS
  • FIXED torch delays
  • FIXED memory leaks

Build 1.4.8

  • FIXED various bugs
  • UPDATED dialog on assign identity screen

Build 1.4.7

  • FIXED leaks in identities, devices, activities class and services screens
  • NEW Torch process refactoring
  • NEW calibration messages

Build 1.4.6

  • FIXED libraries to stable versions
  • FIXED top user tab
  • FIXED device list opening

Build 1.4.5

  • FIXED issues with instabug reporter. Shake your device to instantly report a bug!

Build 1.4.4

  • FIXED animation of home graph freezing bug
  • FIXED animation of bottom bar graph freezing bug
  • UPDATED identities sorting algorithm: sort first by network usage then by last seen

Build 1.4.3

  • NEW show top service
  • FIXED multiple bugs

Build 1.4.2

  • FIXED bugs with identity creation
  • FIXED identities list performance

Build 1.4.1

  • FIXED identity assignment bug
  • FIXED home screen torch delays

Build 1.4.0

  • NEW ability to assign devices to identities
  • NEW ability to create identities

Build 1.3.5

  • FIXED bugs relating to web socket connection and remember my login

Build 1.3.4

  • FIXED Google SmartLock bug

Build 1.3.3

  • FIXED logo animation bug

Build 1.3.2

  • FIXED numerous bugs relating to speed test and web socket connection

Build 1.3.0

  • NEW learning network functionality
  • FIXED speed test bugs

Build 1.2.1

  • FIXED remote access bugs
  • NEW version number added to Splash screen

Build 1.2.0

  • NEW remote access functionality

Build 1.1.13

  • new logic of health bar and network state

Build 1.1.12

  • Speedtest fixes

Build 1.1.11

  • signed APK
  • fixed speedtest screen
  • minor bugfixes

Build 1.1.10

  • Google SmartLock added to autologin

Build 1.1.9

  • fixed lists items positioning in all 3 lists
  • improved performance in identities list to avoid UI freezes

Build 1.1.8

  • Services icon caching works. Cache need some time to remember all serviceInfo from servers.
  • Necessary performance improvements.

Build 1.1.7

  • FIXED all lists sorting
  • FIXED app crashing during back navigation
  • NEW identities list shows all devices
  • NEW home screen is restoring all data

Build 1.1.6

  • NEW services list added
  • NEW back arrow buttons added to lists

Build 1.1.5

  • NEW devices list added on identity tap

Build 1.1.4

  • NEW added versioning
  • FIXED freezes during list updates

Build 1.1.3

-FIXED bottom bar graph in identities screen
-FIXED progress bars
-FIXED disabled list animations to improve performance

Build 1.1.2

-FIXED changed framework that is loading images to identities list because of OutOfMemory error
-FIXED check icons blinking during list updates to improve user experience
-FIXED list updates are improved and more smooth now

Build 1.1.1

  • NEW Sort by active
  • NEW Dim non-active / adopted
  • NEW Hide non-active / unadopted

Build 1.1.0

  • NEW identities screen


Is the app ready to test? I couldn’t find a link anywhere. Can’t wait to test that app. :grinning:
Great work


Hi there, we hope to have the Android app available as a dev release in next one to two weeks. Please email us at and we can update you as soon as it is available to test.


Amazing thanks for the fast reply


Hey, i have installed the android app(unreleased) . What credentials do I need to use? Isp dashboard credentials?


Hello, apologies for the very belated reply. The Android app is currently only available to users with existing accounts. So those using the app at the request of their ISP and have been given their credentials by their ISP. In the future, we will add the ability for any individual (with a Mikrotik router) to smart their router via the app and use the app to managed their home network, like the iOS app.


One thing you could do, is setup on your router with the help of an iPhone and then use the Android to view the network. Not an ideal solution but would work.