Smart.Network iOS App Release Notes


Release notes related to Smart.Network iOS App


  • FIXED misalignment of Bubbles screen
  • FIXED bugs related to the functionality of the slider used for limiting devices or services


  • NEW ability to enable two beta features (Bubbles and Shaping) from app settings. To enable go to Settings > Smart lab > check Enable bubbles and/or Enable shaping
  • FIXED various bugs relating to Bubbles
  • FIXED remember password functionality when switching accounts. The app will always request for the password if the first login fails.


  • NEW compatibility with specifying a custom API port when smarting a router on smart.board


  • FIXED small bugs for the accounts list and management


  • UPDATED packet-size ping parameter for self-serve


  • FIXED upload and download speeds switched in ISP plan settings


  • FIXED device shaping bug


  • NEW shaping flag on smart.board disables/enables shaping of devices and services for ISP’s


  • NEW app responds to enable/disable shaping flag on smart.board
  • UPDATE added PATENT PENDING to splash screen


  • FIXED removing identities bug
  • FIXED missing error dialog when speed test fails
  • FIXED limit settings may not be highlighted even when a limit is set
  • NEW logout option on error screen


  • FIXED missing ability to set video streaming qualities for services
  • FIXED sorting of services


  • FIXED network unavailable error.
  • FIXED torch issue after failed calibration


  • NEW identities and device sorting, with active devices first and the last seen, sorted by name
  • NEW ability to switch network if current one failed to connect
  • FIXED login screen UI alignment for small screens
  • FIXED design fixes for settings screen


  • NEW network health bar
  • FIXED authentication invalid signature fix
  • FIXED app can switch from an account with network attached to an account without network


  • NEW auto-login moved to iPhone settings


  • FIXED account switching and token refresh for auto-login


  • FIXED auto-login checkbox touchable area fix


  • FIXED auto-login logout
  • FIXED auto-login switching account


  • FIXED login issue after installing a new build
  • FIXED error with email report for non tech users
  • FIXED instabug report for non tech users


  • FIXED issue with switching between accounts when one account with no network was authorized, now the app will show the login screen if a user will close the network creation screen
  • FIXED design changes for 90mins utilization graph (no ISP lines)
  • FIXED bug on device editing screen that was asking a user to discard changes even if no changes for the device was made
  • FIXED small change for auto login warning text​


  • NEW device shaping indicator
  • FIXED missing authentication header
  • FIXED the app will refresh token automatically


  • NEW Autologin: The app will remember the user’s login for 30 days.


  • NEW Mikrotik API code


  • FIXED Making smart multi LAN


  • FIXED app switched to the Router API instead of the SSH.
  • FIXED small fix for the data cap settings setup


  • FIXED new speedtest disabled message with the dimmed button
  • FIXED alignment of UI elements from newer iPhones
  • FIXED removing network where sometimes the app would get stuck after removing a network


  • FIXED bandwidth when no calibration received. Objects in identities/devices/services were dimmed even when ISP speed was configured.


  • NEW org logo
  • NEW org support email
  • FIXED error switching accounts from app settings


  • NEW App version detection
  • FIXED Right side menu bug



  • App works without calibration
  • Device shaping (service shaping only in tech mode)
  • Alerts for any access that was denied by a user



  • Custom screen that will inform a user that his network is not available and show a button to create a new network.
  • 90-minutes graph is limited to show only 24 hours stats - 720 bars
  • bottom bar will be hidden during the speedtest to prevent any navigation
  • login screen design changed (the network creation button is now as a link below the login button)
  • app checks server API version
  • data cap setup from user settings


  • password reset confirmation alert may not appear
  • missing email suggestion for an account creation
  • instabug intro may appear on a login screen. Now it will appear only after 10 seconds since the home screen was loaded
  • Sometimes new users cannot login first time as the phone autofills the email and hidden spaces are added. App should strip the email of hidden spaces.


  • NEW More friendly alert for blocking own device
  • NEW Ability to reset the password from the login screen


  • NEW ssh ping test command changes


  • FIXED Given name suggestion for account creation screen
  • FIXED Dash access polling status and handling error when the access is not relevant anymore
  • FIXED Error screen buttons highlight behavior
  • FIXED Not available network detection


  • NEW 90 minute graph new style
  • NEW Dashboard access status check (works when access closed on dashboard)
  • FIXED Date cap numbers and design fixes


  • NEW Data Cap utilization view
  • NEW Weekly email settings switch
  • NEW in-app notifications screen
  • FIXED bug with dash access top view (was appearing even if an access was closed)
  • FIXED extended clickable area for the top alert


  • NEW dashboard access status check after each launch
  • FIXED Top alert touch fixes


  • NEW Smart access for techs


  • NEW Stats graph with server output
  • FIXED crash on the shaping screen


  • NEW Tech code save linked to the account ID (requires to type it once again after update)
  • FIXED login button behavior for account switching
  • FIXED ISP values update from the speed test


  • iPhone X crash fixed
  • NEW Last 90 minutes now shows top user if you click and hold
  • NEW Ability to switch networks from Home Screen


  • NEW improved 90-minute utilization graph
  • fixed main circle graph update
  • fixed missing ISP plan advertised speed


  • NEW 90 minutes graph: added shadow; shows identity/device/service icon

Additional UI changes:

  • new devices icons
  • disable usage bars and home graph if no calibration and ISP bandwidth defined
  • added stats for a tech_mode (only filters UI)


  • fixes for notification snoozing (added required parameters)
  • login screen error after logout


  • NEW last 90 minute view top user


  • NEW port forwarding router config feature
  • NEW Add trash button to shaping screen to remove shaping
  • If no ISP speed show calibrated
  • Updated switch account screen


  • NEW designs for settings screens