Smart.Server Release Notes


Release notes related to Smart.Server.


  • NEW Multi-org (Owners, Roles, Permissions)
  • NEW Reverse calibration
  • NEW RouterOS 6.43 and above support
  • NEW Misc minor fixes and improvements


  • TLS classification by geographical area
  • Dashboard Impersonation
  • VLAN support (In identifying interfaces when making smart)
  • Snooze all & snooze minutes
  • Calibration / Speed test calculation improved
  • Bug fixes and internal improvements


  • Dash API to ask for access to smart_user routers
  • Allow Dashboard impersonation
  • WS messages to allow and stop dashboard impersonation access
  • If router has calibration disabled, isp_upstream and isp_downstream should be required
  • Wrap stats module in REST API
  • Add calibrated up and calibrated down to torch_results
  • Add CRM ref to smart user
  • GET /dash/alert read/unread/all flag
  • Multi-lan smart router returns improper result on checksmart
  • Better management for DB index creation
  • Add top user info to 90_minutes data points
  • Add flag in calibration answer that tells the app to update isp_speeds with calibration numbers
  • Add support for WAN interface name with spaces inside