Smarting and Adopting Networks Explained


What does smarting a router mean?

Smarting a router is the process in which the server accesses a router and runs a setup script on it. This script makes the router or network available for monitoring and management with the software.

There are currently three ways to smart a router via smart.board.

  1. A router with a public IP can be made smart via the internet.
  2. A router with a private IP can be made smart via a tunnel to a dedicated VPN concentrator that has been set up to connect with that router locally.
  3. Using the mobile or iPad app, a router can be locally adopted by opening a temporary VPN tunnel from the router to the smart.board. Once a router is adopted is can be made smart using that VPN tunnel established during adoption. The tunnel is closed after adoption.

More info on how to make a router smart via the smart.board: Smart.Board - Adding Subscribers & Making Router Smart

What does adopting a router mean?

Adopting a router is the process in which the mobile or iPad app uses a local connection to reach the router and creates a VPN tunnel from that router to the server. Once that tunnel is established, the router can be made smart using that tunnel. Router Adoption can be used when a router is not reachable by the server directly.

When do you use each smarting option?

Use option 1 when the router has a public IP and can be accessed via the internet. This option will not work for routers with a private IP.
Use option 2 to smart routers with a private IP. This required a dedicated VPN concentrator to be set up.
Use option 3 with routers that cannot be reached by the server directly such as routers with a double-nat configuration or with a private IP, when a dedicated VPN concentrator has not to be set up.