Suggestions for Smart.Network



First up, just a brief description of the type of user I am. Just got a new Mikrotik router to start learning about RouterOS and the feature set it has over other consumer based products. My skill set is very limited and hoping to learn a lot. I’m also not from a formal IT background.

Having loaded the app as test on the router I think it a great app and has huge potential. I was looking into Node-RED to have a graphical dashboard for basic connection stats but Smart Network app is a great for this and I don’t need to try re-invent the wheel.

So here my suggestions start:

Stumbled upon this video ( while looking into API calls for Mikrotik router and then had to do a bit more looking to actually find the app. Can you ask someone to link it in the description?

I’m not sure if it’s intentional due to roll out plan but it’s not easy to even discover this app. In the iOS App Store if you search Mikrotik the Smart Network isn’t returned.

If you google the first result is yours but you get “No information is available for this page.” under the site address. Then linking to your web site there is no link to here (the forums). I got here by chance because I used the “Get in touch to get smart” link and then from the return email, found it. Also assume this would be a paid app so used “Get in touch to get smart” link to apply. If you are planning on keeping the app a free install please note that on the website, would make everything a little clearer. Also great ‘selling’ point. :wink:

Again if this is intentional to have a slower roll out please ignore this, but if you are looking to attract users then you could make it a little easier to find. Hope this is received constructively as I really think this is a great app. Mikrotik really need something like this to take the fight to Ubiquiti and their attractive GUI environment for the less technical user!



Thank you for your note and I apologize it took a few steps to find us. We are indeed in a soft roll, but we will improve the SEO both on google and the store. Our next big milestone is the Android release, and that is really when we plan to make a little more noise :slight_smile:

As for the app, it will eventually become a freemium where a good chunk of the functionality will stay free, but some of the things that cost us $$$ for traffic, etc., will convert to paid. I will make sure we convey that better as well.

Thanks again for using smart!