Upgrading Smart.Network app from v1.0.238 to v1.0.247


We have some important news to share for customers using the smart.network app.

The app was recently updated to v1.0.247 and includes some new and improved features and important bug fixes. You will need to upgrade to this new version as the old app store version (v1.0.238) will no longer continue to function.

The latest version of the app is available to download at http://smart.network/app

In order to continue using the app, you will need to:

(1) Delete the old version
(2) Download this latest version of the app
(3) Log back in with your user credentials

Please upgrade to the latest version of the app to continue using it and enjoy an enhanced user experience!

Thank you for your interest and for using the Smart.Network app.

The Smart.Network Team