Zero Touch Provision for Network Service Providers


It will be nice that your app allows Network Providers to ship hardware directly (Without any configuration) and the person onsite installing the device only needs to connect the Mikrotik Router to the ISP uplink with the condition that it gets a dynamic IP (via DHCP).

Then the person onsite using your APP just provision the details for a basic configuration turn up:

  • Link and credentials for a VPN S2S Client (for remote monitoring and management) that the Service Provider has to provide so they can take control and manage the device after your APP roles out the configuration via either SSTP, IPSec and OVPN protocols.

  • Change IP address configuration (local LAN) as Optional, NTP, DNS settings (Basic Setup) to enroll a new device.

The whole premise is that the person installing the Mikrotik Router has no network knowledge and through the APP is guided to push a script that allow a remote technical NOC team to access the device via VPN.


The roadmap call for the app to allow full configuration of a Mikrotik out of the box, including WAN setup wizard, which (tries to) auto detect WAN type.


You made my day !!! Great news and glad to hear that this is part of your roadmap.